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The mission of 4004 esports is to promote esports by creating an environment that cultivates competitors and participants by providing structured opportunities for industry leading competition and educational programming. 4004 esports also serves as an advocate for the promotion of esports at all levels of competition.



The ultimate resource for bringing esports to higher education.

Esports in Higher Education

Fostering Successful Student-Athletes and Successful Programs

This comprehensive resource examines the rapidly-growing esports phenomenon in higher education, bringing the perspectives of players, administrators, and scholars together in one volume to discuss the basics of esports, how to start and maintain successful esports programs, and issues and trends in the field.

Esports are a global phenomenon with an estimated audience of 400 million people in 2018. Given their already strong base and rising popularity on college campuses, esports have been referred to as the new college football. This book offers practical insights into how to develop and maintain an esports program that is consistent with institutional purposes and values. The book is helpful to all types of institutions (small to large, public and private, 2-year or 4-year). It draws on current scholarship and the professional experience of the authors, focused heavily on practical advice for higher education professionals.


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Dr. Charles Hueber

Founder and President

David Gehrels

Vice President of Engagement and Operations

Cody Morgan

Vice President of Gaming and Production

David Yugar

Strategic Partner (Yugar Productions)

Eric Lambert

Strategic Partner (Association for Promotion of Campus Activities)


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