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4004 Esports offers a fully competitive Student League for Intercollegiate Esports (SLICE)

SLICE is designed to promote collegiate esports by creating an environment that cultivates competitors and participants by providing structured opportunities for competition that connects students with their college mission and aids in achieving students’ academic goals. To that end SLICE provides industry leading competitions sportsmanship and further the educational purpose of universities and colleges.

SLICE provides a regional and national competition structure for Esports that will incorporate multiple options for competition and a number of ways for both small and large schools to be competitive. Schools will not be permitted to join SLICE and compete without direct college/university support and authorization.


SLICE offers 4 divisions with a championship opportunity in each division:

Division 1 – FTE of 5,000+
Division 2 – FTE under 4,999
Division 3 - Community Colleges
Division 4 – Universities and Colleges who choose to compete online only

Divisions 1-3 are divided into regions and will host seasons for specific games that will determine seeding for a regional tournament. To qualify for participation in the national tournament schools will have to compete in a regional tournament. Seeding for nationals will be based on regional competition and decided by the tournament committee.

Division 4 has been established to allow schools to participate exclusively online there is no FTE requirement. These schools are not required to travel physically to the regional or national competitions. Division 4 schools can compete regionally but do not qualify for a national championship structure.

Annual Dues:

Division 1: $1,500
Division 2: $1250
Division 3: $1000
Division 4: $1000

(Members of APCA receive a $500 discount on dues)

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National Tournament Registration:

Registration for nationals would coincide with the APCA regional conferences. Teams would register for the conference and we would offer an additional “esports” track.

Nationals competition seeding would be based on regional placement and/or random seeding onsite.

SLICE offers the first fully integrated multigame and multiplatform competition structure. SLICE is built to celebrate programs that have depth in Esports and are dedicated to not just having an Esports team but building an Esports program.

Competitions would offer 4-5 games and would reward individual game winners and overall winners. With a regional and national competition structure colleges and universities would have an opportunity to compete in a season that would mirror other sports.

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