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Consulting and Esports Environment Building

4004 can work with schools by consulting the administration and esports leaders on the following items:

The needs of each school will be different; 4004 will be flexible and open to what is specifically needed by your school. Working with 4004 Esports will provide schools with the proper knowledge and talent to launch a successful esports program.

Hiring and Recruitment of Staff

Following the traditional sport model, every varsity sport is led by a head coach that not only acts as the leader during competitions; the coach sets and enforces standards, creates objectives, and acts as the face of a program. The standards set and enforced by the coach must fit into the values and philosophy of the institution in which they serve. Varsity esport programs will be no different, and every potential candidate must be held to a high standard. 4004 will work with staff members to determine what they wish to have in a head/assistance coach for every varsity esport team they have, and help with the hiring of a head coach by:

  • Building a program specific job listing
  • If possible and if the school needs help, having a 4004 staff member present during interviews with coaching candidates

Beyond the hiring of the head coach, players must be effectively recruited into a school’s varsity program to compete at the highest level. Player applications must be created first for a school’s existing student body, which Allegiance will construct and grant the school upon agreeing services. During the working relationship, 4004 will also work with the school to start a process of recruiting high school students who are interested in attending college and competing on the varsity team. Some of the same items will be considered on the player applications, but for entering high school students, topics such as GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and intent to study must be determined before the student is enrolled and able to compete on the varsity team.

Esports Labs

Launching a new program may require an initial investment to create a lab or esports arena. 4004 will work with schools to build and set-up a space that meets their needs. Labs can vary in cost depending on which games are to be offered and how many students are expected to participate in the program. 4004 will work to help make sure the school is maximizing every dollar in this process and delivering a product to the school the student are proud of and excited about. The 4004 staff can help:

  • Identify the best possible spaces on a campus
  • Determine what equipment will be needed
  • Purchase and install all equipment
  • Maximize the layout of a space for competitions and practices
  • Work with campus partner to brand the space

Twitch, Social Media, & Arena Setup

With esports being located in the digital realm, it is imperative that schools have the proper social media channels ready to stream/broadcast matches; this is especially important in the face of esports currently not having traditional modes of broadcast, except for a few notable exceptions. 4004 will consult on the best software, hardware, and other related factors for the successful setup of a Twitch channel. If schools to have additional esport specific social media, 4004 will also consult on the build of those channels. Areas of consulting for all social media channels will include:

  • Proper language and memes to effectively reach young audiences
  • Social media methods to engage esport enthusiasts with your brand
  • Best software and hardware for streaming

Player Recruitment & Industry Growth

In traditional sports, the recruitment of high school athletes is a well established industry. The esport recruiting space has yet to develop, but 4004 will be identifying ways to recruit the right type of players. This process can start with 4004 providing player profiles and applications that to be used. Items to be considered when recruiting players:

  • GPA
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Academic interests
  • Games played, including highest level competed in
  • Volunteer service completed in high school
  • Work experience

As mentioned above, 4004 will pay close attention to the opportunities that will become available in the recruitment of esport talent.

Program or institution sponsors need to be in place to provide equipment and branding for institutions’ varsity esport programs. While 4004 is gathering program goals and plans, 4004 can also help with sponsor acquisition by facilitating the relationship between the school and companies. 4004 will receive 20% of the sponsorship amount received by the college that was introduced by 4004 esports regardless if it is considered a capital or monetary investment.


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